Friday the 13th

Curiouser and curiouser.

A false flag drill had been planned in the French capital on the very morning of the Paris attacks – Friday, 13 November.

Friday the 13th. Not a day of any particular significance in Islam. But paraskevidekatriaphobia – fear of Friday the 13th – is a peculiarly Western phenomenon.

The sort of thing that a false flag drill planner might have up his idiosyncratic sleeve.

Just saying.

• • • • •

The Free Radio Revolution video making this claim – minus the paraskevidekatriaphobia bit: that’s all me – is up on YouTube.

Now, personally, I have substantial reservations about Free Radio’s Jeff C being right every time he goes off half-cocked. I don’t, for instance, believe that the Charlie Hébdo attack was a put-on job.

I could be wrong, of course. But this boucherie à Paris – there’s far too much that is subsurface still, and far too much artful dodging going on by the Hollande government.

• • • • •

“The timing of the event – Aside from the obvious connotations derived from the attacks occurring on Friday the 13th, the Paris massacre has taken place shortly before a major climate summit that was set to take place in France. The French government was expecting massive protests they alleged could potentially become violent, by activists opposed to globalization and energy austerity. Interestingly enough, France had already planned to impose border controls starting on November 30th in anticipation of the U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Paris “because of the terrorist threat or risk of public disorder.” Needless to say, there will be no massive protest now considering the fact that 2015 France resembles the 1943 version of itself more than anything else.

“Considering the fact that the security had been so heightened both on the heels of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the anticipation of disorder for the U.N. Conference on Climate Change, how on earth did such a major terror attack slip through the hands of the DGSE? After all, France is nothing if not a police state. It is also giving the United States a run for its money in the contest for how much information it is able to nab up on its citizens.”

Much of Brandon Turbeville’s claims in his blogpost above can be put down to a nimble shot at selling some more of his titles.

Not all of it, though.

There was a terrorist who surrendered yelling, “I am from the Islamic State!” (All sight of him was lost after his arrest.)

There were initial reports that some of the terrorists at Ba’taclan were hefting shotguns, not Kalashnikovs.

For a country that has been more or less under security lockdown since the Charlie Hébdo attacks, the security forces did take their time moving leurs croupes. Going by the words of French security, not one of the attackers was shot dead.

• • • • •

So much to ponder.


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