How the Islamic State is Using al-Intiqāl

The Paris attacks were waiting to happen. I’m sure I was hardly the only observer of Al Intiqāl – ‘The Migration’ – who expected the Islamic State to take advantage of it. In fact, it would’ve been an opportunity lost if the IS hadn’t.

As it turns out, French Intelligence – both the extérieur DGSE and the intérieur DGSI – were caught with their pantalóns down. As was German Intelligence (the famous Schengen Datentransfer went to pot when the Germans stopped a car packed with high-end arms at the border last month – and failed to give their French counterparts the heads-up).

One of the attackers at the Ba’taclan music venue has been identified as Omar Ismaïl Mostefaï, a 29-year-old French citizen of Algerian origin. A bloodied Syrian passport found outside Gate D of the Stade de France seemed to indicate that an attacker came in with the forced migration wave through Greece – but the latest news is that the Greece connection has been discounted. International Intelligence – it is an international investigation now, which goes to show just how farflung a conspiracy the current outrage was – is reportedly investigating the possibility that the Syrian passport is a plant.

[UPDATE: The Syrian passport found outside Gate D of the Stade de France is reportedly legit. Its owner has been identified as Ahmad al-Mohammad, 25, of Idlib, in northwestern Syria. He had passed through the Greek island of Levos on 3 October and had been registered at Presevo on the Macedonian border on 7 October. However, there is still no indication of whether the passport itself is authentic or a forgery, considering that there exists a healthy blackmarket in Syrian passports (because manifestum est Syrians get asylum more easily than other Arabs). Two other terrorists who died at Le Ba’taclan were from “the Brussels area”, according to Belgian authorities.]

But one thing is inescapable: Without help from members of Françafrique and Algeria, the IS wouldn’t have the fingernailhold it has in France.

The Syrian passport is exactly the sort of red herring the IS would employ if it wanted to spark-off a backlash against Al Intiqāl. Or just engineer an überestablishmentarian anti-Muslim backlash.

Here comes Pegida roaring to Europe’s rescue.

• • • • •

Here’s the kicker: The attackers were all well-armed with Kalashnikovs – the favourite weapon of ultraviolent suiciders worldwide – and suicide vests packed with nails and screws. All the better to take out as many noncombatants as possible. (In the event, the wounds upon the dead and the injured in Paris were horrendous beyond reckoning.)

Suicide vests are delicate things. Suicide vests are never smuggled into the country of impact: Suicide vests are made in the country of impact. (It’s not difficult to make one – just, going by the confessions of those who shucked them off, extraordinarily difficult to wear one.)

But setting up and coordinating a seven-member, three-group simultaneous suicide run – that’s a tough ‘un.

• • • • •

Tough or no, the IS managed it under cover of a legitimate Al Intiqāl, when Europe’s eyes were turned inwards and softened by righteous compassion. The IS had on its side deepset righteousness and zero compassion.

This isn’t about to stop.


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