Forthcoming update: The Pathankot Paradox

To everyone who is following the datahunting, collation, analysis, and other supermystical journo stuff in




I will be posting an update tonight (Tuesday-Wednesday, 5-6 January).

It won’t be in the nature of a sequel. (Not unless Hollywood pays me an honest shitload. And what are the odds of that happening?)

Here’s the thing: It is, gradually and sorrily, dawning upon the Indian post mahemium et mors investigating agencies that Superintendent of Police <> Assistant Commandant Salwinder Singh and his friend the Gurdāspurī jeweller Rajesh Verma are leading most everybody with an interest in the outcome – the government, the military, and the media – on a vérité confondre ride all over tehsil Pathankot.

And they ain’t done yet.

What is interesting – morbidly-speaking – is the offhand, snowballing duplicity that will probably become the most enduring memory of the antiterrorist Operation Pathankot.

Watch this space.

But don’t hold your breath – too long. The update will happen.



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